Writing Prompt

Look into these eyes, what is this young woman trying to tell you? Write her story, you may keep it short or make it as long as you like.


3 responses

  1. Luanne had been all dolled up and ready for an hour. Where could he be? She hoped he had not had an accident as he probably rushed to get home , get dressed and over there. She checked her watch again. My goodness! it is now 8:00 and he was going to try to be there by 7:00. Wait! There is the sound of a car door slamming. She rushed to the window, parted the curtain and could see by the streetlight that Rob was running up the walk. Luanne ran to unlock the front door as Rob entered all breathless. He could not speak for a moment but managed a “I’m so sorry to be so late”. My mother was having a very bad day and you know how she can start feeling so weak when that happens”. A look of amazement came over her Luanne’s face as she struggled to keep control. She fell back in a chair and as she tried to compose herself said “Is that your excuse”? Well, you just go back to mama”. There’s the door!

  2. I could see fire in those eyes. There are too many mama’s babies out there among our men.

    1. Well, this gal wasn’t having any of it! Good interpretation of those eyes, Helen.
      I see a lot of different possibilities in the those pretty, brown eyes. 🙂

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