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Need Reviews

My new eBook, Inconclusive Death an Aaron Blake Mystery, is now available on, and coming soon in print. I’m in need of reviews. If you can help me out, go to this link:  Write the review in a reply box below. Thank you so very much. I’ll return the favor when you need me to. Just let me know. 🙂

Always, Carol


Useful Things

I saw this question asked on a blog I read by Linda Huson and wanted to ask all of you…
Do you collect anything useful?  As for me, it’s candles. I like the pretty little jars and the good smelling scents when the candle burns.

Book Discussion


If you click on this link, Online Reading, you will find a free book by Mike Wells. It’s on the Smashwords website. You will see where to turn the pages at the bottom of the story. I have started a post where we can share our thoughts on his story. Click on Good Reads in the header, and then scroll down to find Lust, Book 1 by Mike Wells. See you there!

Writing Prompt

Look into these eyes, what is this young woman trying to tell you? Write her story, you may keep it short or make it as long as you like.

How All This Started

I can’t remember when I ever didn’t think it would be fun to write a book. The idea always lived in the back of my mind to be pulled up now and then to consider it again. But alas, wanting to and actually doing it are two separate entities!

Nearly twenty years ago, I had a good friend who had found herself in hard times. After an accident she lost her job and her will to carry on. Walking down the aisle in the grocery store one day, the idea struck me. My friend and I had talked numerous times about writing a book. Perhaps this was the time to actually do it. I naively thought we could get a book written together and published, so she would have an income. We tried to write it together, but our styles were just too different. I suggested I write it and she type it. I spent three months, practically night and day, hammering it out in long hand. She deciphered my scribbling and changes, followed the arrows to put pieces in the right places, and typed up the pages.

I hunted for publishers, found out how to summit a query, and mailed off the next best seller. Now all I had to do was wait for someone to accept my story and get the presses rolling, right? Meanwhile I kept looking into the publishing business and sending in more queries. To my surprise, all I got back was polite rejection letters in my self-addressed envelopes.

To my dismay, I found out that writing a book is only the beginning of getting a published book on the book store shelves! I told you I was naïve! As time went by, I got discouraged. I shared my story with family and friends who all thought it was great. What was the matter with publishers not to see it? My reader’s wanted more about my protagonist. I knew there was more to tell, so I wrote a sequel. I enjoyed seeing where the characters took me next. I loved writing the rest of the story.

By the time it was finished I had given up on the idea of publishing books, but not on my love for writing them. I got one of those new-fangled computer things and started writing short stories. What fun.

To be continued.




I’m still looking for a professional editor to give my mystery/detective manuscript a good edit. There are so many out there that look promising, how does a person decide? Well, for me , the cost has to be a consideration. The type of edit is an issue. Do I need proofreading, copy editing or something else. This is the first novel I’ve set out to get  published, and the first time I’ve searched for an editor. A lot of firsts going on here! I’ve read many editor’s websites. Sent in snippets of my story for sample edits. Heard back from what look to me to be excellent editors. Now, I’ll be making a decision soon.

Anyone have some helpful advice for me?